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Integrating superior products and techniques, SCAFFAD champions all forms of outdoor advertising, particularly the transformation of once unsightly construction sites into visually alluring communication channels, through Scaffold Advertising and custom banner solutions.

Addressing a niche within the 'out of home' advertising industry, SCAFFAD provides innovative outdoor advertising solutions, helping companies take their products and brand to consumers.

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OOH Audiences on the rise! 
Out-of-home advertising audiences continue to rise with the latest MOVE (measurement of outdoor visibility and exposure) update suggesting audiences have increased 3.6% in the past year.

Award Winner Profile - Sydney Town Hall 
Cactus imaging has recently received acclaim for its project work on the Sydney Town Hall refurbishment project, undertaken by the NSW Heritage Commission and sourced through Scaffad, the outdoor advertising company that specialises in converting a lifeless construction site into a dramatic, visually appealing communication medium.

Coke Creates Personalized Billboards That Flash Your Name When You Approach 
Building on Coca-Cola’s global campaign in which people could personalize their Coke bottles and cans, Tel Aviv based creative agency Gefen Team created these super-cool interactive billboards for Coca-Cola Israel.

MOVE says MORE, 9% boost in OOH audiences 
The Out-of-Home (OOH) industry’s audience measurement system MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) is driving the medium’s continued growth at a time when other traditional media are seeing a decrease in audience numbers and market share.

AdNews launches outdoor advertising gongs: The Locus Awards 
Outdoor advertising is booming, so why doesn't it have its own Australian awards? It does now: AdNews is launching The Locus Awards.

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